Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ben got a haircut!!

My little brother Ben finally got a haircut. His hair had been really long and kind of icky looking. Now he got it cut to a good length. I'll post updated pictures of us boys soon.
-Thomas Zmyewski

Getting excited

It's December now two days before Christmas. I am really excited to see what new gear I got from santa. I started out trying not to spaz out about the hike, but my dad has ordered a whole bunch of books from the library on hiking. The more people keep mentioning it the more my excitement level goes up.
-Thomas Zmyewski

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dad's first post

O.K. Let's get this blogging thing going! It' 3 weeks until Christmas and we are really all trying to focus on that, but THE HIKE is really starting to loom large on the horizon. Santa knows the the young men are going and will surely bring supplies on Christmas morning. Our book shelf is full of library books focusing on all things hiking and Appalachian trail related. Tammy and I wish we could all go but that of course is not possible for a myriad of reasons that lamenting about will not change.
A thru hike is definitely on our Bucket List. We are looking at flying them to Orlando for a few days with their Grandparents and then on to Georgia to start the hike. There are very reasonable cost flights down there. Yet nothing is final. Well gotta run for now. H

What's New

Here we are in December now with us averaging about 2 and half miles every time we hike. Not much is going on except for preparing for Christmas and the great gifts for hiking we hope to receive.

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