Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Tom's still hiking.  Hank, Ben, Ellie and Max went to visit Tom on the trail on July 19 through the 21st.  Mom stayed home all by her "lonesome" and took care of Liberty the yellow lab, Jane the cat, Ralph the rabbit, and Sam and Noel the turtles.  It was a hard job but someone had to do it!  During that trip Hank offered Tom a bump up north since he was running behind schedule and faced with weather constraints.  After bumping ahead 300 miles up to PA, Tom met up with some friends that he had met earlier in the season.  Tom plans on returning and completing the 300 miles that he skipped after he reaches Mt. Katadhin.
Once in PA, Tom battled a foot infection through the rest of the state, visiting a doctor for antibiotics and then another visit to the local ER when the infection would not go away.  After receiving a shot and some oral medications he was on his way again. 
Tom is currently hiking through New York with Foon, Red Socks, Whiskers, and Cliff.  From everything we hear he's having the time of his life.  He's received some wonderful trail magic lately including a couch to sleep on during a rainy night, and right now he's staying at a free hostel with a "real bed" being reported!!! .  I just texted Tom for the name of the town he is in.  He said he didn't know but that he'd find out after he got out of the hostel shower.  What a rough life! Okay, he's done with his shower and reported that he's outside of Tuxedo, NY which places Tom around the 1363 mile mark on the trail. We are headed up to visit with him later this week and will return with more stories and photos from the trail.

Here are some pictures from trail magic received earlier this month around Stroudsburg, Pa.  Lots of thanks to Emily and Koon for their hospitality! 
Tom is on the right, and apparently too busy eating the blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon to look up at the camera.  Can you blame him? 

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