Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flip Flop and Katahdin

I could just take the easy way out. It would be easier....I could just say that Katahdin was so awesome there aren't any words to describe it. However that would be a lie. Katahdin was the most fun, most challenging, mountain i've encountered this entire 5months. The views were so epic at the top that I was left staring into the distance for some minutes. The climb up was over boulders we had to use our hands and pull ourselves up. It was a fun kind of exhausting that left you exhilarated and asking for more. That was Katahdin it was fun and now I'm heading down south to New York.


  1. Land mark in life, when the only thing you can do is stand in awe and amazement!

  2. We were just at Baxter State Park and did a drive thru the base camp at Katahdin, Maine is AWESOME. and thought of you but without cell service I couldn't reach your mom for an update on your progress. Glad to hear you made it to Katahdin. Mr. Hailey hiked the Maine AT when he was your age, what memories you will live with. We are praying for you and your journey. The Hailey's


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